Trending interior paint colors for 2023! Go bold or go home.

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We are heading into a brand new year and change is on the horizon. You might be thinking of anything from trading in your gas guzzler for an electric model to cleaning out your closet and taking a load to Good Will, or maybe even sending out a few resumes. But what about your home? […]

Is White Interior Paint Still in Style?

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trending interior paint colors

It may feel like a bland option, but white interior paint (and gray too) have won the paint color popularity contest for a long, long time. Don’t be fooled, though: white isn’t just white. There are a million (maybe literally?) shades, hues, and tints, from clinical and crisp to buttery and warm. All under the […]

4 Fun Ideas for Fall Interior Painting Projects

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Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you. Fall is here, and it’s time to cozy up by the fire, break out the charcuterie board for a visit from friends, and get the holiday decorations out of the attic. Going indoors for the cooler weather is one of the best times to paint your interior walls […]