How to Prevent Cabinet Paint Damage

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ELCO Painting cabinet paint damage prevention

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, the pressure is greater than ever to have a home that is always ready for photo-ops.  Whether it’s in preparation for your next brunch gathering or your latest Instagram post, nothing lessens the aesthetic quality of your kitchen more than chipped and damaged cabinets.  Interior home painting services […]

Deck Stripping: 5 Signs It’s Time for Deck Repair

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ELCO Painting deck repair services

As spring and summer settle in, outdoor parties are on everyone’s mind. Pictures of friends and family mingling across lawns and through backyards are enough to warm the heart of anyone this season.  But for some, the thought of welcoming dozens of friends might be a source of anxiety when you think of just how […]

5 Places to Inspect Your Industrial Site for Corrosion

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ELCO Painting corrosion inspection services

As a plant manager or supervisor, you know that there are always a few plates spinning at once on every industrial site.  Aside from the daily operations of your site, you must also ensure that the facilities themselves are safe and fully functional as you accomplish each task.  One of your greatest adversaries as an […]