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HOAs and property managers must make units beautiful and safe. ELCO Painting offers HOA painting services to upgrade your neighborhoods and add to property value.

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    Does Your HOA Property Have Damaged Paint?

    Whether you manage condos, apartments, or single-family homes, keeping them well-painted and maintained is a big, important job. Professional HOA painting maintains health and safety, makes a good impression on potential tenants, and boosts property value.

    When we work with property managers and HOA leadership teams, ELCO Painting is committed to meeting their high standards for durability, health and safety, and building code compliance. Our paints and coatings are tough, and they can withstand the demands of individual units, as well as shared spaces like clubhouses, pools, and playgrounds. Our painting services for HOAs include:

    Paint HOA Properties Without Disturbing Tenants

    Whether you need an occupied HOA space painted, or are preparing for new move-ins, ELCO knows the challenges of HOA, apartment, and condominium painting. We can be sure your specs are up-to-date, your coatings are compliant, and your tenants and residents are impressed with their space.

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    What to Expect During Your HOA Painting Project

    Thorough Inspection and Estimate

    When you call ELCO for a property management or HOA painting estimate, your quote includes any carpentry, paint maintenance, and refinishing services you’ll need to get walls, ceilings, pool areas, clubhouses, and anywhere else that requires painting restored to your high standards of excellence.

    Project Planning and Oversight

    ELCO Painting teams will never leave you high and dry when painting for your HOA or property management team. You’ll hear from us at every stage of the process, and we will plan your neighborhood, condominium, or apartment complex painting project according to your schedule, the needs of your space, and your health and safety requirements. We pride ourselves on clear communication while attending to compliance and on-the-job safety. We are committed to keeping you and your residents happy and safe.

    Surface Prep, Repair, Painting, and Coating

    Painting apartments, condos, and HOA properties goes beyond applying a fresh coat. We prep all surfaces, assess the need for surface repair and carpentry, and prime any areas to be painted before applying the first coat. We can match paints and coatings to your facility or neighborhood specs, and ensure any recommended coatings are beautiful and durable.

    Ongoing Facility Support

    Even after the paint dries, you can count on us for ongoing painting maintenance, repairs, and other facility support to keep your HOA or other managed property up and running. Talk to us anytime you have a question about how to keep your community safe and welcoming with the help of professional painting services.

    About ELCO Painting:

    Since 1980, ELCO Painting has been a trusted painting contractor serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Timeless craftsmanship, professionalism, and a commitment to best practices in production methods and surface prep are integral to our success.

    We are a family owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on fostering a work environment that every team member is proud to be part of. ELCO Painting strongly believes in customer service: it’s what our industry-leading painting business is built on. In fact, repeat customers account for 60% of our business.

    Our professional tradesman are OSHA-10 safety certified, and they adhere to any industry standard safety rules and regulations. Our team loves their craft, and it shows. ELCO team members are respectful, courteous, and professional.

    Our estimates are fair and honest, and our painting services are competitively priced according to industry demands and standards.

    ELCO Painting fosters strong partnerships with other local RI, MA, and CT licensed and insured contracting companies, with whom we can team up to cover all aspects of your facility maintenance, repair or renovation project.

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    Painting your HOA property will be a streamlined experience with an experienced team. Property managers across RI, MA, and CT trust ELCO Painting to get the job done right. We’ll honor your timeline, work with your budget, and select paints that strengthen and revitalize your homes, condos, and apartments. Our teams will help you meet compliance standards and building codes related to painting and maintenance, refresh the look of your HOA units, and exceed tenants’ expectations. If you have multiple painting and repair services needed, ELCO Painting and our partner contractors will work together to get your HOA property back to looking like new. We know you’ve got deadlines to meet and new tenants to welcome, and we’re ready to help you make it happen. Call ELCO Painting for your HOA property painting estimate today.

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    We could not be more pleased with the professionalism of the ELCO Painting team - from the site assessment; to the prep & sanding teams; to the paint team themselves - all were knowledgeable, competent, capable as well as polite, kind and caring about their work folks. Painting is what they choose to do and it shows.
    Mary S.
    I have known the Elliot Family for many years. This is a true “family business".
    They are extremely knowledgeable about their craft and have done numerous jobs for my business and my home. I can say without a doubt that I have been satisfied every time.
    Jamie E.

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