Steam Radiator Cleaning and What it Means for Your Business

Steam Radiators

If your workplace is outfitted with a steam radiator system, you may already know that a little maintenance goes a long way for them. These durable heaters provide an even heat that will keep your team comfortable in the winter, supporting your main focus: your business operations.

Radiators are centralized heating systems that are made with very durable metal, usually iron, steel, aluminum, or copper. Some people prefer them for their long lifetimes, and others appreciate the efficient heat distribution that radiator units provide.

What to Know About Steam Radiator Cleaning

Keeping Your Radiators Clean

Regular cleaning will help the units last a long time, since corrosion may eat away at the metal if it isn’t kept under control. The metal is frequently painted with heat-resistant paint to reduce corrosion, and periodic deep cleans of the units will further protect them from deterioration. Professional painting contractors like ELCO use sandblasting techniques to remove old paint, dirt, and corrosion so new paint can adhere to the cleanest surface possible.

The Radiator’s Boiler

The boiler system for the steam heaters also needs regular maintenance to keep the hot water flowing. Byproducts of combustion at the heat source can build up and corrode the heat piping or block the exhaust pipe with debris. They can also be a fire hazard, as the flame shouldn’t have material build up near it.

The water pressure should also be watched to be sure it remains at the setting appropriate for your model. The size of the system will vary based on the size of the building and have different specifications. A business’ facilities manager will make sure this routine maintenance is performed and that all of the necessary oversight is done to keep things running smoothly.

Radiator Units and Valves

Keeping the units themselves clean is important to keep paint from chipping and corrosion from taking hold. The valves in radiators play a major part in keeping them running, as they control the buildup of water inside of the units. When the water supply valve isn’t completely open or closed, water can build up in the radiator. The moisture will cool when the unit cools, and when it heats up next, it will explode when steam makes contact with the cold water.

The air valve helps release cool air that has built up in the unit, but if the air valve is blocked or dirty, air can’t be released and it will remain in the unit, which won’t heat evenly due to the cool air pockets. Keeping the valves clean and in position will let the radiators work most efficiently.

Heating Your Business

When your radiators are in good working order, energy costs will remain consistent since units won’t have to work harder than normal to heat your space. If cold air pockets develop in the units or the valves get stuck, they may heat unevenly. Studies show people work best when temperatures are comfortable, so maintaining the heating system is a contribution to your operational performance.

Keeping Radiators in Good Repair

Radiator maintenance in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Good maintenance of your building’s radiators supports your bottom line: your operations stay on track while keeping repair and replacement costs on the heating system down. You will also stay up to code with regular maintenance when you hire local professionals who are familiar with the area’s codes and regulations. Schedule today with ELCO Painting for your radiator cleaning or facilities management needs. Our professionals have been trusted partners of building managers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for decades!

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